In-Person Training

If you’re in Pasadena, California, or can get there at least once, Johnny Tea may have the answers to your questions about strength training and overcoming stubborn post-rehab issues, while adding muscle and losing weight.

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It’s called Strength Therapy. Depending on your individual needs, Johnny Tea will be able to handcraft a custom program for you that will:
– Address movement limitations
– Build lean muscle
– Enable you to lose weight and keep it off for good

Here’s how it works.

Post-Rehabilitation and Pain Management

This program is geared for the individual who wants to be healthy by using exercise as a way to move and feel better, improve strength, rehabilitate an injury(s), relieve stress, reduce body aches and pains, reduce blood pressure, or improve one’s self-confidence and energy levels.

Health and Fitness

Whether it’s strength-gain, fat-loss, or muscle-gain, each program is tailored to the client’s fitness goals. Whether the goal big or small, the process is the same: consistency, focus, and in the best case scenario, an expert to guide you along. The rewards of this program allow your true and lean body shape to show.

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